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Seasonal tack room check up: Winter edition

saddle pads being stored on a shelf
Storing saddle pads on a shelf is an easy way to keep them organised

Winter is here, and while we might be dreaming of cozy fires and hot chocolates, our tack room needs a bit of extra TLC to brave the cold. Don't let the frost bite your beloved gear! Here’s your ultimate guide to keeping everything in top shape during the winter months.


1. Inspect and Clean Tack Thoroughly

The winter cold and damp is not kind to leather.  To keep it in tip top shape be sure to clean and condition it regularly.  An easy, stress free way to do this is with one of our tack cleaning gloves.  Shop here.

Tack cleaning glove with saddle

Ensure you clean your horses tendon boots after every use, especially if they get caked with wet sand or mud.  Sand and dirt can act like sandpaper on horses’ legs, causing irritation and abrasions.

It can also start to break down the stitching on your boot, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.  So be sure to regularly clean and check your boots.

Make sure everything is dry before storing it away, mould is not a good look on anything.

2. Storage Solutions

Ideally you want to store all your tack in a dry warm space, this will help keep any damp and mould at bay.

Using sturdy hooks, racks and shelving to keep your gear off the floor is the best way to ensure they stay looking their best and not get damp.


3. Regular Maintenance

Give your tack a weekly check-up. Look for any signs of wear and tear, and fix them up before they turn into bigger issues.

 If your tack gets wet, dry it slowly at room temperature. Heaters are great for us, but they’re leather’s worst nightmare.


4. Protect Against Pests

 Winter is prime time for rodents to seek out new digs. Make sure your tack room is sealed tight, and set up some deterrents or traps just in case. The last thing you want is for rodents to make their new home in your beautiful saddle pad collection.

5. Organize Seasonal Gear

You probably won’t be reaching for those summer sheets or light rugs in the depth of winter.  Be sure to store them away in a dry place.  A good option can be an old freezer to keep the rodents out.  Or hang them up so they can air out and stay dry.


6. Inventory Check

Many of us equestrians love to hoard gear, so winter is the perfect time to give your tack room a clean out and sell any extra gear that you probably have not used in recent years.  And top up anything that may have run low eg your first aid kit.



By following this winter tack room checklist, you'll keep your gear cozy and ready for action all season long. Proper maintenance and storage not only extend the life of your equipment but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. Stay warm, ride on, and may your tack room be as organized as a Pinterest board!

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